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Finding a reliable clipping path company is not an easy task. Especially if you want to find a provider who can offer you Best Clipping Path Service at an affordable price.Visuals Clipping is a leading clipping path company. We offer a comprehensive range of image-clipping path services to our clients.

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10 Images Free Trial:
We offer a 10 images free trial facility to ensure quality.
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Competitive Pricing:
Our pricing starts at $ 0.25/image.
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No Advance Payment:
We do not ask for advance payment.
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Complete high-end hand made clipping services at competitive prices.

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High-quality Hand-made clipping path

Hire Visuals Clipping to receive the best-handcrafted clipping path service. A high-quality hand-made clipping path makes your products look great, as you can remove the background of an image and use it with other backgrounds or photos. It can help create other marketing materials like product photos and infographics.
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Complex Background removal

We at Visuals Clipping have proven our expertise in complex image background removal by successfully completing over one hundred products. Complex background removal eliminates unwanted backgrounds from an image. This is perfect for product photos, as it allows potential customers to see the product clearly without any distractions.
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Add shadow or reflection.

With the expertise of Visual Clipping's retouchers, you can add shadows or reflections to your product photos to make them unique and eye-catching. A reflection shadow creates the illusion that your product is being photographed on a reflective surface, such as a mirror. The effects we can add include shadows, floating shadows, and reflection shadows.
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Multiple clipping path

Multiple clipping paths are a significant part of product photo retouching since they allow you to create visually appealing images that can highlight the product you're selling. Multi-clipping path services from Visuals Clipping deliver clean and professional photos that can be used on any background, color, and with different photos.
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Image masking & channel masking

Image masking and channel masking services offered by Visuals Clipping help you make image composites, modify the background, cut out objects, and target edits so they only affect specific areas rather than the whole layer. Using it, you can hide parts of an image or layer without erasing them. Best results guaranteed!
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Product photo cut-outs

Visual Clipping offers the most accurate and finest image cutout services for your e-commerce product images in Photoshop. Take advantage of photo cutout services that are clear, accurate, and reasonably priced. Our team can handle even the most complex images, and they can be edited to make them more appealing.

Hand made 100% accurate Clipping Path for complex product.

We are proud to be a pioneer in the clipping path, also known as photo detourage services, and are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service possible. Our highly skilled and experienced artisans work tirelessly to ensure that every image is perfect, no matter how complex it may be. We take great pride in our work, and it shows in the edited photos. If you're looking for flawless, high-quality clipping path services, you've come to the right place. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

By working with us, clients can get bulk image clipping support to finish large volumes timely. Visuals Clipping has been delivering high-quality photoshopclipping path, image masking, deep etch, channel masking, detourage photo , and other retouching services for 10 years. In that time, we have served clients from all over the world, including the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Norway, Belgium, South Africa, Switzerland, and many other countries. We are proud to say that we have maintained a high level of customer satisfaction since we started offering photo retouching and clipping path services. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work and commitment that produces extraordinary results.

What We Offer


Clipping paths can prove to be tricky with images that have complex images in them. Since the cutout has to be absolutely precise to ensure the photo looks professional, natural, and our retouches will not disappoint you at any time since they are highly trained and experienced.

24/7 Phone/Email Support

At Visuals Clipping, we understand that you may have questions or need assistance outside of business hours. That's why we offer 24*7 email and phone support to all of our customers. No matter what time of day or night it is, we're here to help you with whatever you need.

Pocket Friendly Solutions:

Looking for an affordable clipping path solution for your business? Look no further than Visuals Clipping. We offer high-quality clipping path services at pocket-friendly prices. And the best part is that the more orders you place, the higher the discount you'll get.

A wide array of solutions

We understand that not all products are created equal and that's why we offer a variety of clipping path services to meet the needs of all our clients. From simple clipping paths for basic product photos to multiple path services for more complex images, we have you covered.

Bulk Orders

At Visuals Clipping, we have a large team of experienced professionals who are capable of taking on large orders of clipping path services. We are able to process a high volume of images in a short amount of time, and we offer a wide range of services to our clients.

100% satisfaction Guaranteed

At Visuals Clipping, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients. If you're not happy with our work, simply let us know and we'll make it right - at no extra charge as we want you to be happy with your orders.

Top Image Clipping Path Services

Outsource your clipping path project, save time and money

A clipping path is a graphical technique used to define an image's precise interior or exterior region to isolate or remove it from the rest of the picture. For example, we use Photoshop pen tool technique for clipping path to remove the image's unwanted background or cut out a specific object from a photo. Before deciding to move forward with any company to outsource your photo-clipping path projects, you can get a free trial to check the quality of our service. We give you a 50 images free trial facility to ensure quality, accuracy, and delivery time. We work at the most competitive rates compared to the industry.

Are you looking for a reliable company to outsource your clipping path projects? Visuals Clipping specializes in simple or essential photo clipping path or detourage services. We take pride in our work and guarantee outstanding results. Our skilled Photoshop professionals can deliver any clipping path project quickly and efficiently. We have worked with various clients, including eCommerce companies throughout the glove, print media, online jewelry stores, online used car sellers/dealers, and other online businesses. No matter what your products are, we can help you achieve the professional look for your product which will help to increase your sales.

  • Simple Product Clipping path service with 100% Accuracy.
  • Ecommerce photo detourage services.
  • Add drop shadow and reflection.

Medium complexity Photo detourage services:

As the name suggests, a medium photo detourage or clipping path is used to make a clipping path around the subject matter of medium complexity. Our medium clipping path is processed by the photoshop pen tool giving you 100% accuracy. Our manual clipping paths services help businesses, individuals, and e-commerce companies to edit their photos professionally. Clipping Path Service allows them to achieve the perfect look for their products and websites while maintaining a high-quality image. Our services are ideal for print media houses, who can use our clipping path service to create stunning visuals for their magazines and newspapers. Our services help save time and money for our clients as we provide high-quality photos ready for publication or posting.

  • Handmade high-quality clipping path service.
  • Get a smooth clipping path for complex images.
  • Photo detourage services including drop shadow and image resizing.
Outsource Photo Clipping Path Services - VisualsClipping

Are you looking for a clipping path or image mask for Complex Images?

Visuals Clipping is a pioneer company to outsource your entire clipping path or image masking work. We have been serving clipping path services globally since 2011. We always process the images in photoshop and deliver perfect clipping path images with 100% accuracy. A complex clipping path is a closed vector path or shape that cuts out an intricate image from its background. A difficult clipping path can have many different points and curves. Complex clipping path makes them ideal for cutting out images with lots of detail, like bikes, cars, hair, or other super complex products. Our services are suitable not only for simple or medium product clipping paths but also dependable for intricate product clipping paths. So, when it comes to detourage complex product photos, Image Manipulation, Image Optimization, Fashion Retouching, or even something like Jewelry Photo Retouching, where you need a complex or detailed clipping path, you can always count on us.

  • Handmade high-quality clipping path service.
  • Get smooth and accurate clipping path services.
  • Detourage super complex photo background.
  • Channel/alpha Masking for hair and fur.

Do you require multiple clipping paths for your photos?

A multiple-clipping path is a complex clipping path with additional paths carefully crafted within a single product or image. We use photoshop pen tool to produce multiple clipping path to separate the different parts of any product or photo. Multiple clipping paths can be used to isolate each part of the product or object, making it easier to manipulate the image in post-production. We provide multiple clipping path services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our skilled team of photoshop professionals will work diligently to provide you the flawless results, and our global clients can contact us to experience.

  • High-quality hand-made multiple clipping path services.
  • Multiple clipping path services can extract every part of an image separately.
  • Get access to multiple-channel masking.
  • Get Multiple channel masks and layer masking services.

Clipping Path for Ornaments and Jewelry Industry

If you are in the business of ornaments and jewelry, then you know that detail is everything. That's why we offer quick, accurate, and detailed clipping path services that will make your products shine. Our clipping path services are perfect for ornaments and jewelry of all types, from simple to complex. We can remove background objects, clean up edges, and even add special effects to make your products truly stand out. So, if you're looking for the perfect way to make your ornaments and jewelry look their best, consider our clipping path services. We'll make sure your products are picture-perfect.

  • High quality multiple clipping path service.
  • Extract every part separately
  • Get multiple channel masking

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