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Are you in need of a photo retouching service you can depend on? You've come to the right place! We are a team of skilled professionals who can take your photos and make them look unique and outstanding.

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Are you looking for professional photo retouching services?

If you are looking for a professional photo retouching service, Visuals Clipping is the right choice. We offer a wide range of retouching services that can help improve the quality of your photos. We can remove cellulite in photoshop, blemishes, wrinkles, and other imperfections, and improve the overall tone and contrast of your photos. We can also add special effects and filters to your photos to give them a unique look. When you choose Visuals Clipping , you can be sure that you will be getting the highest quality retouching services available. Our team of experts are skilled in a variety of retouching techniques and can help you achieve the perfect results for your photos. We understand the importance of high-quality visuals in today's competitive market, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service.

What We Offer

Decade of experience

Visuals Clipping is one of the leading providers of photo retouching services. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field and have worked with clients from all over the globe.

Latest software and technologies.

At Visuals Clipping photo retouching, we use the latest software and technologies in our photo retouching services. We are constantly updating our software and technologies to make sure that we are using the best possible tools.

Basic editing to more complex work.

At our photo retouching studio, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality retouching services to our clients. Whether you need basic editing or more complex retouching, we can help you achieve the look you desire.

competitively priced and offer discounts for bulk orders.

If you're looking for high-quality photo retouching at a competitive price, then you need to choose our service. We offer discounts for bulk orders, so you can save even more money without losing out on quality.

Committed to meet deadlines

At Visuals Clipping, we are committed to meeting deadlines and providing fast 24 hour delivery. We understand that when you need a retouched photo, you need it ASAP. Because of this, we provide some of the industry's fastest turnaround times.

24 hours email and phone support

At our company, we offer 24 hours email and phone support, so you can always reach us when you need help.

Here's what our customers said

Transform Your Photos into Artistic Portraits.

Whether you're looking for a new profile photo or a family portrait, we can help you get the perfect picture. We offer various portrait photo editing services to help you look your best. We can retouch your photos to remove blemishes, wrinkles, and other imperfections. Our editing process is thorough and customized for each client, ensuring that your portraits are perfect for whatever purpose you need them for. So if you're looking for portrait photo editing that goes beyond the basics, count on us to deliver the high-quality results you need.

  • Remove wrinkles, spots, eye bags, and braces.
  • Portrait photo color correction.
  • Remove stray hairs.
  • Fixing and whitening of teeth.

Are you looking for high-end beauty photo editing service?

Count on us for reliable, high-quality beauty retouching services for all your needs, whether you need them for print, commercial, or business purposes. Do you know why? Because we understand that everyone's standards for beauty are different. Thus, we offer a wide range of services to ensure you're happy with the final product. Whether you're looking to model photo retouching, final touches by airbrushing, a few blemishes, or want a complete makeover, we're here to help. We'll work with you to understand your vision for your photos and make it a reality.

  • Beauty skin smoothing service.
  • Facial reshaping and skin glowing.
  • Skin color enhancement.

Get Impeccable Body Reshaping Editing Service

You can hire us if you are searching for a top-quality body reshaping photo editing company. We deliver impeccable results for businesses, print media, e-commerce, and individuals. We aim to make you look your best and guarantee you will be happy with the result. We offer a wide range of body reshaping services, such as removing wrinkles and cellulite, slimming down waistlines and thighs, and increasing breast size. We can also edit photos to make you look taller or shorter, thinner or curvier. We can make people or any individual look exactly how they want to look.

  • Make toned body
  • Remove unwanted flab
  • Make your legs slimmer and longer

Do you want to restore your old damages photos?

Do you have an old image or a collection of old photos but don't know how to make them look good and flawless? No worries! We provide old photo restoration services where we perform pixel-by-pixel repair to help you restore your precious memories. We understand your photos' sentimental value and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality restoration possible. We can fix your photos and produce an excellent restoration if they have been harmed by water, fire, or time. We use the latest technology and software such as Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Lightroom, etc. to repair damage and restore photos to their original condition.

  • Remove dust and scratches.
  • Correct folded or create missing part.
  • Color correction services.

Make Moments Unforgettable with Wedding Photo Retouching

It's no secret that wedding photography is a crucial aspect of a special day. After all, people look back on these captured moments from wedding functions for years to come. But how to make your wedding photos look great, polished and unforgettable? Take help from our experts at Visuals Clipping!

At, we provide high-end photo editing services for wedding photos, including:

  • Ceremony photos
  • Reception photos
  • Pre-nuptial photos.
  • Groom and bride photos

We understand the importance of making your wedding photos perfect, and our skilled editors will work with you to ensure that your photos are exactly what you want. Our services are designed to improve your photos' overall look and feel, and we can work with you to ensure that your photos are perfect for your big day.

  • Bulk professional photo editing & clipping service processing.
  • Color correction in batch.
  • Creative wedding photo editing.

An Extensive Set of Services

With a decade of experience, we understand that a few options won't work at all. You can rely on us for a wide choice of options for photo retouching and editing. Here are the solutions we offer without compromising quality:

  • Portrait Photo Editing
  • Body photo retouching
  • Beauty Retouching
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Photo Restoration
  • Model photo editing
  • Fashion Photo Editing
  • Photoshop Retouching Service

Our solutions cater to a worldwide client base and businesses of all types. Visuals Clipping has assisted clients in the last ten years who needed photo retouching or editing in the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Italy, and other places.

100% Customized Services as You Want

You are not restricted to choices when you choose Visuals Clipping. Our clients receive personalized services as per their needs.

Supported File

  • JPG files
  • PNG files
  • PSD files
  • TIFF Files

Custom Background

  • White
  • Transparent
  • Gray
  • Gradient
  • Custom

Advanced Services

  • Background Extension
  • Cropping and resizing
  • Object Removal
  • Clipping Path
  • Background Retouching

Benefits to outsource Background Removal Service to Visuals Clipping?

Time Saving


Professional Work

Maintaining the standard

Cost Effective

100% Customized Service.

Our Most Popular Photo Editing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who order photo editing services typically get their work back within 24 hours, but we can adjust delivery times based on factors like urgency, complexity, volume, etc. Depending on your photo editing requirements, our team will do an in-depth study and recommend the best delivery time for your order.
You will receive an email notification as soon as the images are altered and the work is completed. Our team will return the images via the method that you requested, such as e-mail, Google Drive, or Wetransfer, etc.
Since we are an outsourcing company for global clientele, we work 24*7.
Due to our large team and use of the most up-to-date software and automation, we are able to accept urgent orders and complete them within tight deadlines.
You can upload images of any size. If you would like an FTP account for uploading/downloading images, simply give us information about the total size of your images, and we will create one for you.

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